Message from the President

Kyosemi has been working on spherical solar cells since 1995. In order to continue this work, we have established Sphelar Power Inc. through a company split and created plans to accelerate and strengthen our work in this field.

Our solar cells have an entirely spherical light-absorbing surface, making three-dimensional light-absorption possible for the first time ever in the world. We use micro spherical cells of 1-2mm in diameter and offer a variety of modules with sizes from miniscule to large and forms from see-through to three-dimensional. Further, by completely embedding our micro spherical cells into other parts and materials we have realized unique, high-value, high-function products such as high transparent building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products.

We truly hope to devote all of our energies to the creation of a society based on renewable energy with the unique Sphelar technology. We hope to continue to have the generous support and understanding of our customers.


Soichiro Imoto, President