Corporate Vision

“Why do solar cells need to be flat?”

Sphelar – the spherical solar cells – was created in response to simple questions like this.

Light does not fall in a uniform manner in the natural world.
The position of the sun is constantly moving. Some of the sunlight are dispersed by clouds and others are reflected of glass and water. Spherical solar cells more effectively take in all kinds of light and make solar energy closer to our life.

With micro spherical solar cells, you can embed solar cells into everyday products.
With micro spherical solar cells, you can also use curved and three dimensional surfaces, not just flat surfaces.
With micro spherical solar cells, you can enjoy the light shining through your window while generating electricity.

Sunshine doesn’t only hit rooftops and deserts. Sphelar Power is aiming for solutions to expand the usage of solar cells alongside many partners.

Sphelar – spherical solar cells – bringing solar energy closer to you.