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Handling of Personal Information

Our Company uses inquirer’s personal information only for answering to the inquiry and for sending the requested materials. The received personal information will be kept under controls of our responsible person with the most appropriate care and handling.

1. Acquisition of personal information and its purpose of use
We utilize it only for our answering to each question and our sending the requested materials related to each inquiry.

2. Provision of personal information to a third party
Unless otherwise required by Laws, Regulations, Ordinance, or Regulatory agency’s order, we do not provide your personal information to any third party without having your consent.

3. Entrustment of handling of personal information
We do not entrust all or part of the personal information you provide.

4. Disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure and its contact
You may request disclosure of your personal information that is provided to us. This form shall be used to notify an intended use of personal information subject to disclosure, to disclose, to correct, add or delete the content, to discontinue its utilization, to erase, and to discontinue its provision to a third party as well as to accept complaints and consultation after verifying your identity.

5. Notes on entering your personal information
Some items in the“contact ”form are required and essential to be entered. When you do not enter them, there may be a case to be unable to accomplish the above purpose of use.

6. In acquisition of peronal information by an electronic method not easily recognizable
In contact form, “Cookie” is used to offer optimal services to customers. The personally identifiable information shall not be acquired from this Cookie.

7. Measures for security of personal information management
For all or part of the acquired personal information, we shall take the most appropriate and necessary measures for the prevention and correction of leakage, loss, or damage, and for other security control of the personal information pertaining to a customer.

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