March 20, 2023

The method for measuring the power generation performance of spherical solar cells (I-V characteristic measurement) was established as a JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard).

For spherical solar cells that can receive light from all directions, the conventional evaluation method
based on light irradiation from one direction was underestimated, and the power generation capacity of
the entire spherical surface was not evaluated correctly. Therefore, new measurement and test methods
have been required based on the power generation capacity of spherical solar cells, and a Japanese
Industrial Standard was established.
By been established by JIS, we will contribute to the formation of a new market that utilizes the features
of spherical solar cells, as well as contribute to resource saving, energy saving, and CO₂ reduction by
expanding the use of photovoltaic power generation.


Name of Standard : Spherical photovoltaic cell(SPVC)
            - Measurement of photovoltaic current-voltage characteristics

JIS code : C8947
Outline of the standard :
Defines the method of measuring the I-V characteristics (current-voltage characteristics) of spherical
solar cells using a solar simulator and an integrating sphere. Applicable to crystalline silicon spherical
solar cells with a diameter of 1mm to 2mm.


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